Crypto Pubs & Beers

The Landlord ($LNDLRD) is a unique Beer,Pub and Crypto project. Its much more than a BEP-20 token. It has 3 fantastic protocols, passive income, fantastic real world utilities, and utility driven NFTs and much more.

The Landlord Token
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Three key protocols which unlock the potential of The Landlord. All Landlord Token transactions will be subject to an 8% tax or 9% slippage.


Pubs Protocol

This will be used to drive all aspects of The Landlord ecosystem. These tokens will be automatically liquidated into BNB by the contract.


Pints Protocol

Automatically growing the liquidity by taking 3% of each transaction and putting it into the liquidity pool adding stability to the $LNDLRD value.


Shots Protocol

Rewarding all holders with passive $BUSD income if they are holding at least 100,000 $LNDLRD or $50 worth of Landlord Tokens.

Landlord Beers

Landlord Beers

We have formed a partnership with Crafty Brewery in the UK to release the Landlord Beers and Cider. There are currently three drinks available from our store. These include REKT - A excellent Pilsner, FOMO - A refreshing Cider and PUMP - A hoppy IPA

Additional partnerships in other countries will be established and additional beers will be launched and sold via the online store as well as bars across the world.

Profits will be used to do BEERBACKS (we used the funds to buy back and burn $LNDLRD tokens.

Landlord Pubs

Landlord Pubs will be launched initially in the UK and then rolled out worldwide. These will be driven by the $LNDLRD point of sale system providing fast, reliable, and cheap crypto payments.

All Landlord pubs will accept crypto payments and encourage $LNDLRD holders to pay with their tokens to receive discounted drinks. Holders can purchase NFTs for 0.04 ETH that unlock additional drink discounts and special offers. These include two for one drinks on specific days and access to the Burn event.

Landlord Pubs will use cutting edge technology throughout and help drive crypto mass adoption. Profits will be used to buyback and burn tokens and add to liquidity.

Landlord Pubs

Point Of Sale System

The Landlord have developed a unique and intuitive Crypto Point of Sale system. This will allow bars, pubs, clubs and cafes to successfully take orders, manage inventory and accept payment in various types of crypto currency including $LNDLRD. The Point of sale system will bring in additonal revenue through licening partnerships and by cahrging other projects to be listed. These funds will be reinvtested in $LNDLRD Take a look at the demo, part of POS system.

Point Of Sale System

NFT Collections

The Landlord have released its first utility driven NFT collection, these can blind minted from The Landlord website for just 0.04 ETH.

These will be split into 4 variety's with an increasing rarity. Starting with standard(common), Bronze(fairly common) silver(rare) and gold (very rare).

Each variety will have a different random built in discount or ability % split across 4 areas, Store,Beer, Pubs and Special Feature. The discounts are scaled based on the variety.

$LNDLRD Earned

We developed an app to enrich community engagement, and encourage it's users to inviting more investors into The Landlord. You can join the Landlord Army and earn $LNDLRD by just Tweeting about it.



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